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Testing and Evaluation of Infrared Imaging Systems (3rd Edition)
Common Sense Approach to thermal Imaging
The Atmospheric Filter
Holst's Practical Guide to Electro-Optical Systems
You Can Do It - A Stroke Survivor's Guide to Independent Living



by Gerald C. Holst

Thermal imaging systems are used by the military to detect, recognize, and identify enemy personnel, equipment, and buildings. Police patrol border crossings and use thermal imaging systems for search and rescue. The systems are particularly useful for evaluating the condition of power lines, transformers, circuit breakers, and motors. Simply put, they can be used to evaluate the "health" of any electrical or mechanical component.

This profusely illustrated book provides the underlying physics of why and how objects emit radiation. Since this radiation is related to temperature, it is relatively easy to determine an object's temperature. It provides physical insight using simple mathematical equations. For the analyst, detailed equations are provided. This book is intended for all that work with thermal imaging systems. This includes the researcher, system designer, test engineer, salesman, and end user. Since civilian and military applications are discussed, this book is useful to both communities.

A must have book.

249 figures, 57 tables, 124 references 377+xiii pages (2000). Copublished by SPIE Press.

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by Gerald C. Holst – $25.00

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