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JCD Publishing offers Ontar's complete line of atmospheric transmission and radiance software. These codes are used to predict the performance of lasers, imaging systems, and remote sensing devices operating in the UV to microwave region of the spectrum. Each model accepts a wide range of weather conditions (clouds, rain, aerosols, diurnal and seasonal conditions) and numerous backgrounds for any arbitrary viewing geometry. The Microsoft Windows™ versions provide the flexibility needed for easy operation.

The short courses cover the analysis, design, testing, and evaluation of infrared (thermal) and visible imaging systems. These courses are tailored to meet your specific needs and requirements. System analysts, designers, technicians, test engineers, and production engineers will acquire skills applicable to their unique needs. Managers and business development professionals will find their technical knowledge sharpened for this highly competitive marketplace.

Expert consultation is provided on all phases of infrared (thermal) and visible imaging systems. Consultation includes review of specifications, writing focussed proposals, analysis of design, and system performance predictions.

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