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PcModWin 6.0
HITRAN-PC version 4.0

Ontar's LIDAR-PC models pulsed laser radar and lidar systems (hard target and atmospheric aerosol backscatter applications). Input parameters include, among others, laser power per pulse, target reflectivity, and telescope diameter. For any arbitrary slant path, LIDAR-PC calculates the return signal as a function of range.

The user can input atmospheric attenuation and backscatter coefficients or to use the weather conditions specified in the BETASPEC module. This module is a user-friendly version of the US Air Force's BACKSCAT (version 4.0) program. High resolution molecular attenuation (transmission) is obtained from HITRAN.

The output is a data array of the backscatter and aerosol attenuation coefficients as a function of wavelength and altitude. The BETASPEC output file contains the attenuation and backscatter coefficients of aerosols (clouds, dust, etc.). The HITRAN output file contains the attenuation coefficients of molecular gases (CO2, CH4, H2O, etc.)

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