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PcModWin 6.0
HITRAN-PC version 4.0

E-Trans is Ontar's program for calculating transmittance through as many as five individual homogeneous gas mixture layers. It incorporates the instrument response function of Fourier Transform spectrometers (i.e., various apodization functions and spectral resolution). The program utilizes the HITRAN database for the infrared spectra. E-Trans allows the user to specify the gas composition, temperature, and pressure.

E-Trans consists of six user-friendly program units: the user interface, a controlling program, and four spectral calculation subprograms. The program examines input parameters for consistency and completeness, interprets the parameters, and prepares the input files. A "true" transmission spectrum is generated for the atmospheric and trace gases selected. Output files are converted in GRAMS format modified into a synthetic transmittance or absorbance spectrum for the specified resolution.

By installing the HITRAN database on your hard drive, the run time will be substantially reduced. Sample input and output files may also be installed. E-Trans can read data in the JCAMP format supplied in the NIST Quantitative Infrared Database.

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